His Excellency Dr. Rodney Williams Delivers the Speech from the Throne
Posted On: August 15, 2014
Madame President and Members of the Senate: Mr. Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives:   One hundred and eighty years ago, on August 1st 1834, the Antigua Free Press Newspaper carried an editorial in which it proclaimed to the majority population: Today you are free. Free as any white man in the British Empire.   While that picture of the freedom of our forebears was quite inflated, it is absolutely the case that one system of economic exploitation ended, and a new stage of colonialism took root, commencing in 1834. Nevertheless, what occurred exactly 180 years ago, on August 1st 1834, is still celebrated by the descendants of those men and women who set out to b... {Read More}
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Prime Minister Browne to Move to Void Nominations and Appointments by Former Governor General that bring Awards into Disrepute
Posted On: August 15, 2014
 The outgoing Governor-General, Dame Louise Lake-Tack, committed an unlawful act on Wednesday afternoon, August 13 2014, when the former representative of the Head of State, hours before demittin... {Read More}
Prime Minister Browne in Italy for Investment Talks
Posted On: August 11, 2014
Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne, left the island over the weekend for Italy for four days of talks with prospective investors.   Before elected to government, Prime Minister Browne held n... {Read More}
LIAT Reorganises Its Commercial Department
Posted On: August 11, 2014
LIAT has announced changes to its commercial structure in order to bring a much sharper focus on revenue generation.   Mr. Lloyd Carswell, an internationally experienced Chief Commercial Office... {Read More}
New Governor-General to be Installed
Posted On: August 10, 2014
The Governor-General of Antigua and Barbuda, Her Excellency Dame Louise Lake-Tack, demits office on Wednesday, August 13, 2014. This date, as agreed upon between the Government and the outgoing Govern... {Read More}
Mango Fest 2014
Posted On: August 8, 2014
The twin island of Antigua and Barbuda is known for its Beaches and Antigua Black Pineapple, but on August 10th the king of tropical fruit, Mango, will be in the spotlight at the Christian Valley Annu... {Read More}
Cabinet Of Antigua and Barbuda Statement on Investigations
Posted On: August 6, 2014
The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda, upon learning of evident wrongdoing in several Ministries, Statutory Bodies, and Departments, during its first and subsequent Cabinet Meetings over the past six wee... {Read More}
Princess Thalia Wins Calypso Monarch Crown
Posted On: August 4, 2014
Congratulations from the Hon. E.P. Chet Greene on a job well done to all the winners and participants of the 2014 Wadadli Calypso Monarch. Princess Thalia won the calypso monarch crown with her t... {Read More}
2014 Hurricane Shelters
Posted On: August 1, 2014
The list of the 2014 hurricane shelters has been released. The 37 shelters consist mainly of churches and schools. Antigua and Barbuda is divided into 17 districts, all of which have been assigned ... {Read More}
Brazilian Military Delegation visits Antigua
Posted On: July 31, 2014
The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Colonel Sir Trevor Thomas is pleased to announce the successful outcome of the visit of a Brazilian Military delegation over the period 20  - 25 July 2014.  ... {Read More}
ABSTEP Offers Financial Support for Community-Based Sub-Projects
Posted On: July 30, 2014
The Antigua and Barbuda Skills Training and Empowerment Programme (ABSTEP) promises partial financial assistance to organizations selected to implement community-based sub-projects under its Tem... {Read More}
CARICOM and Japan to work Closer
Posted On: July 29, 2014
 Chairman of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda the Hon. Gaston Browne has pointed out that space exists to develop trade and Japanese investment in the s... {Read More}