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Name ‘My School’ Competition

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has extended the deadline for receipt of entries for the competition to name the new secondary school being built at

Tomlinson’s. The competition is open to all students within Antigua and Barbuda to make submissions of a name for the new school.

The school will open in September 2017 for the 2017-18 academic year. The idea behind the competition is to give students an opportunity to be involved in the shaping

and branding of the new school.

Students should submit their recommendation for an appropriate name of the new secondary school accompanied by a rationale of not more than 100 words. Students will

be assigned a unique number upon submission – and are only expected to place their initial and parents’ phone number on the Submission Form.

Submissions will be judged on creativity/uniqueness and soundness of rationale. The prize for the winning submission will be ECD$500 plus ECD$500 in school materials.

The deadline for submissions is now Friday 14th July, 2017; all submissions should be made to the Director of Education’s Secretariat in the Ministry of Education.

Clare Browne
Director of Education