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Country’s lone Prison upgrades

11th April 2016

Upgrades to the country's lone correctional facility, Her Majesty's Prison 1735 are progressing smoothly.

Superintendent of the Prison, Albert Wade, said the construction currently being done, is expected to be completed in a matter of months.

He added that this will totally improve the living and security conditions at the facility.

Wade said the remand division among other places will receive a much needed face lift.

"We are going to upgrade the B division, will put in four additional cells and one flush-able toilet and increase the shower area from 4 showers to 20 showers, "Wade added.

The Prison Superintendent stated that the current situation, where there are 15 inmates in one cell is very strenuous, with only twelve cells for 149 inmates on remand.

Wade indicated that this is putting a lot of strain on the facility while the added bathroom and shower will ensure that more persons are able to bathe which will also improve sanitation.

Wade continued that it is a requirement by law that remanded prisoners are separated from persons who have been sentenced and with the additional upgrade, that obligation will be upheld.

Two towers are also being constructed at the facility, which will aid in boosting security to prevent anyone from using the outer walls to throw illicit drugs or forbidden items within the compounds of the prison.

Also the Prison Boss clarified that there is no MERSA infections within the walls of 1735. Over the past months, the prison has been working along with Ministry of Health and routine checks are being carried out by the chief inspector and his team.

The overall aim of the government in the near future is to construct a brand new prison in Antigua and Barbuda.

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