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Men Against Negative Attitude Program (MANA) to be launched in Her Majesty’s Prison

25th February 2016

Her Majesty’s Prison, 1735, will launch its Men Against Negative Attitude Program (MANA) to assist current and former inmates to successfully reintegrate into society on Thursday 3rd March 2016 at the Botanical Garden at 10am.

The program targets men who have attained the age of 18 years and beyond and who have been imprisoned for any offence.

According to prison officials, there are constant complaints from the inmates regarding the lack of support that they sometimes receive while they in the prison and the concerns are similarly felt by some upon attaining freedom.

Prison Superintendent Albert Wade explained that MANA will be a movement which will create a new paradigm of thinking by establishing a network of support to enhance the process of change among incarcerated men.

“A group of men incarcerated and otherwise are coming together to support each other and give encouragement so that they will stay away from a life of crime as much as possible”, Superintendent Wade outlined.

The initiative also seeks to facilitate the establishment of the necessary infrastructure to meet their needs to include: a meeting place and the formulization of partnerships with key organizations.

The prison boss also suggested that conversations that several prisoners have had with the prison’s counselor, Mr. Weldon Jarvis, have revealed that there is a link between crime and environmental, societal and personal dysfunctions.

He added that MANA will assist in preparing and molding the men to adjust more positively upon entering society.

The program will also promote a positive self-image among the men and enhance their employment and educational opportunities.

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