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Increase in Students Accessing School Meals

23th February 2016

The National School Meals Programme (NSMP) is reporting an increase in students who are receiving lunches daily at public institutions around the island.

The increase was recorded when government removed the EC$ 1 per day per student. The change took effect on Monday February, 8th, 2016, and originated from a Cabinet decision.

According to Andrew Solomon of the NSMP, approximately 300 students who are accessing the programme for the first were added to their existing list in the first week. That number he predicts is expected to increase further.

Solomon is reporting a smooth transition of operations to facilitate the free meals, but added that re-registering of students for catering purposes is currently in process, being spearheaded by school principals.

A total of 25 schools are currently part of the National School Meals Programme, and that figure will be increased as plans are in motion to add more public primary institutions.

Approximately 3000 meals are served daily to students under the NSMP.
Contact: Phil George Communications Officer