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ITU Telecom announces World Young Innovators

19th February 2016

Until 22nd March 2016, the International Telecommunication Union will be looking for the best young social entrepreneurs with innovative ideas on how ICTs can help in Health issues using Big Bata.

Health care is one of the most exciting frontiers for big data today. As cited by the ITU, an average hospital is expected to output 665 terabytes of data annually. That data can be used by individuals to create specialized treatment plans, or by public health experts to design health systems that better aid their communities.

Big data is one of the major rising issues in tech today. In 2013 an ITU report stated that 90% of data had been created in the previous 2 years. That pace led to System Analysis and Program Development (SAP) citing prediction of 6 trillion terabytes of data available in 2014.

For Further Information Contact:
Ms. Jaquis Browne Communications Coordinator
Ministry of information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications & Information Technology
Tel: (268) 468-4612