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Free Employability/Entrepreneurship Online Training

23rd June, 2021

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda, in collaboration with International Labour Organization (ILO), present a FREE Entrepreneurship ONLINE Training for the following groups of persons who have suffered adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic: Persons unemployed for at least 3 months, persons ages 18-35 and over 55, women who head single-parent households, former hospitality and aviation sector workers, persons currently receiving a social benefit, and persons with disabilities.

Application forms are available from the One Stop Employment Centre located on Redcliffe Street, 3rd Floor Aflak Building, next to ECAB. Valid identification (passport, Social Security and Medical Benefits cards) will be required. Application deadline is 2nd July, 2021. For more information please call 562-8533/4/5.

Entrepreneurship Training