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Good news for construction worker with disability

27th January 2016

One of the country's men who are living with disabilities may soon be walking tall as plans are in the pipeline to outfit him with a pair of Prosthetic legs.

In announcing the good news, Minister of Health and the Environment, Molwyn Joseph said that Lenroy Hazelwood, better known as "Lumma" is in line to receive some major benefits from the Ministry.

"It is remarkable; sometimes we underestimate and discredit the ability and capacity of the physically handicapped to make their contribution to the development of the country. This young man is quite brave, I understand that even without his lower limbs he is able to climb the scaffolds to the roof of the building and we in the Ministry of Health and the Environment are investigating to see if we can get some Prosthesis for him so that he can be a little more mobile", Joseph said.

Joseph declared that he was inspired to make the move on Hazelwood's behalf because of his behavior and positive approach to life despite his condition.

"He didn't ask for this, this is an initiative that the Ministry has undertaken, he is quite satisfied, he has not complained about his handicap, but given his enthusiasm and the fact that he is really willing to work hard for a living I think that we owe it to him to support him in whatever way possible", Joseph stated.

Hazelwood continues to scale new heights literally by climbing three floors on a daily basis to complete his task of plastering and restructuring the Ministry of Health and Environment Building which is being refurbished on lower high and long streets.

A proud Hazelwood said that the strength of the Almighty along with support from his family and coworkers continue to be the driving forces behind his determination to conquer and live life full and free.

"The support of the crew members and the Almighty GOD because without him, without the Heavenly Father I don't think I would be able to work", he said.

He also praised Minister Joseph for his steadfast commitment in seeking to assist people living with disabilities.

Hazelwood also urged his fellow Antiguans and Barbudans who are living with disabilities to remain focus, keep their eyes on the prize and disregard the negative vibes that may come their way.

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Ms. Debbie Francis
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Ministry of Health & the Environment
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