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The National Bulk Waste Cleanup Schedule

30th July, 2020

Clean up Schedule

The national bulk waste cleanup is still ongoing. Zone 1 which includes St. George, St. Peter and St. John's Rural North started on 15th - 23rd July 2020. Zone 2 cleanup started on Saturday July 25 and will conclude on Friday 31st July 2020. Zone 2 includes St. Phillip's North, St. Phillip South and St. Paul. Zone 3 is next on the agenda for the National Solid Waste Management Authority and this starts on Saturday 1st August, 2020. Parishes in Zone 3 are St. John's Rural East, City South and Rural South.The Ministry of Health & the Environment wishes to inform the public that they are about three days behind the schedule.For more information, feel free to call the hotline at 562-1347.