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Clarification on Essential Services in the Antigua and Barbuda Marine Industry

31st March, 2020

Dear Members,

In accordance with the list posted by the government of Antigua and Barbuda of essential and non-essential businesses, we have sought further clarification on whether marinas and marine and yacht services are essential services.

It has been confirmed that Seaport Workers as listed in the advisory, covers marinas and marine and yachting services.

As a reminder here is the full list further updated. With that said, we would like to advise our members, if your teams can operate from home, this is still a priority or if you can operate on a skeleton staff to minimize the number of people that are public-facing this is preferable.

Where you are open and operating a few suggestions for you:

We will continue to update the ABMA website post pertaining to the Covid-19 and government-issued advisories and protocols. Please find the latest updates here.

If you have further challenges that have not yet been addressed, please email your concerns to and we will pass it on to the relevant government agency to seek guidance and communicate back to members as we have official updates.

The Secretariat.