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The Fuel Pump Verification Programme is a Go

11th August, 2017

The Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards announced the official launch of its fuel pump verification programme yesterday (10th August 2017).

In April of this year (2017) the Metrology Act came into effect and the Bureau of Standards proposed its first steps for implementation of the establishment of a Fuel Pump Verification Service in Antigua (with the establishment of the service for Barbuda to be done at a date to be announced).

The journey to this stage involved Bureau of Standards personnel working with the fuel suppliers and retailers to perform checks/tests on the fuel dispensers for accuracy to ensure that the pumps are delivering correctly the stated metered quantities. This will ensure that consumers are receiving the quantities purchased and that the retailers are not losing product due to faulty dispensing.

Having done the necessary preliminary checks all fuel dispensers that have “passed the test” have been affixed with a blue validation sticker providing the logo and name of the Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards and the expiration date, of the verification of the specific fuel dispenser nozzle. Consumers should therefore look for the validation sticker to confirm the verification of the fuel dispenser when purchasing fuel.

Verifications will be carried out hereafter, in accordance with the provisions of the Metrology Act and Regulations. If complaints arise regarding possible discrepancies, these should be reported to the Bureau of Standards by consumers and/or service station operators as soon as possible.

The Standards Council, and the Director and Staff of the Bureau of Standards look forward to the continued cooperation of consumers and retailers as further public education, on this and other metrology initiatives, is made available by the Bureau.

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