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Alzarri Joseph's selection to WI Cricket Team

27th July 2016

"On behalf of the people and Government of Antigua and Barbuda, I wish to congratulate the young and intelligent Mr. Alzarri Joseph for his selection to the West Indies Cricket Team. Now that the West Indies Team finds itself in serious difficulty, all Antiguans and Barbudans are overjoyed to learn that another outstanding Antigua and Barbuda pace bowler is sought out for his accuracy and wicket-getting skill to help to bring the team to victory," Prime Minister Gaston Browne remarked.

The Prime Minister was responding to the news that Alzarri Joseph was notified today, Wednesday, July 27, 2016, that he has been drafted to play on the West Indies Team for its second Test Match against India. The first Match was played in Antigua, and the West Indies Team was defeated by 92 runs and one innings, by a superior Indian Team.

Alzarri Joseph is the 17th Antigua and Barbuda cricketer to be selected to play on the West Indies Cricket Team, since Sir Andy Roberts was first selected in 1974, or 42 years ago. Sir Andy Roberts was also valued as a fast bowler on the same team. Sir Vivian Richards and Sir Richie Richardson, valued primarily as batsmen and all-rounders, have both been captains of the team, leading the West Indies Team through a decade of victories that now appear to be the halcyon days of West Indies cricket.

"Alzarri Joseph is a terrific fast bowler who is very accurate in his bowling," said the Minister of Sports, Honourable Paul Chet Greene. 'I express MY congratulations to Mr. Alzarri Joseph on his selection and wish him all the best. I am very much pleased with this selection and am certain that Mr. Joseph will perform in the same outstanding way that he has represented Antigua and Barbuda. He is excellent at his craft," the Minister concluded. The young cricketer leaves for Jamaica almost immediately.

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