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Miracle Mission Medical Team begins surgeries at Mount St. John Medical Centre

13th June 2016

Antigua and Barbuda welcomed the first team of medical doctors slated to perform surgeries in this round of the Miracle Mission eye care program over the weekend.

The team, which will be here for one week is expected to undertake about 100 interventions was met by Permanent Secretary Walter Christopher who welcomed the delegation to Antigua and Barbuda.

P.S Christopher stated that the government deeply appreciates this program and he expressed the government's commitment in offering firm support in ensuring the successful execution of this phase of the Miracle Mission program.

A second medical team will arrive from Venezuela at the end of this week while the third team will get here the following week in order to complete the 304 surgeries that are being conducted at the Mount St. John Medical center.

Venezuelan Ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda Carlos Perez said the surgeries began yesterday (Sunday) and the medical team comprises 3 Ophthalmologists, a Doctor who specializes in Internal Medicine, 2 Nurses and 1 Anesthesiologist.

The medical team will perform some 20 surgeries per day and the number of patients slated for operation over a three-week period is about 173.

Ambassador Perez stated some of the patients are scheduled to have surgery done on both eyes.

He said his government is committed to carrying out the humanitarian program and is deeply appreciative of the support which the government of Antigua and Barbuda has exhibited since the exercise started in 2015.

The surgeries will conclude on July 2nd and a very small medical team will do a post operatory process about a month and a half later.

Dr. Neil Ramirez Ophthalmologist and head of the medical team said he is happy to be here and revealed that they have had a lot of success with the program in Venezuela which has since led to an extension of the program in Central America and the Caribbean.

Dr. Ramirez said they are also looking forward to traveling to Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis and St. Vincent and the Grenadines on this humanitarian mission.

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