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10th June 2016

The business that creates jobs for citizens is not Government but Minister of Works and Housing said he is extremely delighted with the fact that here in Antigua and Barbuda, the Government's Affordable Housing project has created hundreds of new jobs for the citizens and residents since the project started just over a year ago.

The Hon. Eustace "Teco" Lake added "In recognition of the private sector's role in driving growth, the Government's economic strategy is focused on improving opportunities for businesses by providing certain concessions that will allow local businesses to be able to compete internationally.

Futuristically, my intention for the ongoing housing project is the construction of executive type housing that will seek to in many ways strengthen the vision for the free movement of people within the region as a single economic space.

"I am pleased to confirm that this project which encompasses a total of three construction sites to date namely Derdge Bay, Cooks Estate and Paynerts has touched hundreds of families through the creation of three hundred and eight (308) new jobs that would not have otherwise been created," Minister Lake added.

Households with modest means need safe, suitable housing that they can afford, and when housing is affordable, low-and moderate income earning families enjoy increased spending power, Minister Lake continued.

Lake further added that householders are able to put nutritious meals on their table, afford necessary medical care and services, and provide reliable and proper education for their children, thus affordable housing creates jobs directly as well as indirectly.

To date, the local economy has been stimulated with an expenditure of over of twelve million, three hundred and ninety-two thousand dollars ($12,392,000) to construct houses that are now at different stages and range between 1 percent and 95 percent completion.

"My Ministry along with the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) will be working closely to complete the road network at the active construction sites and ensuring that electricity and water are installed at all three sites so as to boost productivity, Lake concluded.

The Minister who is also responsible for National Infrastructure pointed out that with the assistance from the National Housing Development and Urban Renewal Company Ltd ., his Ministry is undertaking several other infrastructural developments that are accountable for over 300 new jobs

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