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Former MP recounts his experience as a Smoker

30th May 2016

With Tuesday May 31st being observed around the globe as "World No Tobacco Day", one former Member of Parliament has chosen to speak about that time in his life when he was a heavy smoker and urged others to kick the habit.

Nathaniel "Nat Moses" Francis disclosed that for about two decades or more he was very much involved in smoking for one reason or another but confessed that he has been clean for the past eighteen years.

Francis who represented the constituency of St Georges from 1999 to 2004 said he picked up the habit because it was just the norm growing up in New Winthorpes and Barnes Hill back in the earlier days.

The ZDK Radio personality said that as he got older, he started smoking more of a means of comfort and to relieve his loneliness.

He spoke of the time when he finally called it quit, and how he even helped one of his friends to overcome the habit as well.

Francis added that he is happy to see that the habit of smoking in Antigua and Barbuda has dwindled compared to the days when he was a smoker.

He is also heartened to see that more women are leaving smoking alone and staying on the right path.

Francis is urging smokers in general to kick the habit and live a changed and healthy lifestyle.

World No Tobacco Day 2016 will be celebrated on May 31.

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