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A High Profile EMS Team in Barbuda for Caribana 2016

11th May 2016

With the start of Barbuda's Caribana just hours away, revelers, spectators, organizers, and officials can be assured of a full Emergency Medical Team on hand in case of any eventualities.

Director of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Shawn Greenidge made the announcement today noting that Minister of Health and the Environment, Molwyn Joseph gave the order to have an elite team of EMS Officials posted in Barbuda for the duration of the island's Caribana festivities.

He said that the initiative goes to show that the Government is looking at Barbuda with keen interest and that Barbuda is not on the back burner.

Apart from Greenidge, the five-member Medical Team also includes, Shellomane Knowles who is an Advance Emergency Medical Technician, Public Relations Officer and Registered Nurse-Morvin Fiedtkou, Jammon Roberts another Advance EMT and Dottie Walker, who is a Basic Medical Technician.

Fiedtkou on the other hand is sending a strong message to the party goers and revelers, asking them to know their limit, refrain from drinking and driving, keep hydrated and practice safety at all times.

He also underscores the importance of the presence of the medical team.

"Whenever there is a large crowd in a specific area there should be a medical and pre-hospital care available close by in case there is an emergency; so we will be covering trauma cases, falls, accidents, fights, people who are jumping up in the sun all day drinking alcohol and are diabetic, people with hypertension, cardiac conditions and in-case things go really bad like something exploding in the crowd or a stand breaking down we will be there on hand to handle such cases", Fiedtkou said.

One team will leave at 1am Thursday morning while the other will depart 6pm Thursday evening.

It is the first time that a full pre-hospital medical contingent from Antigua has been sent to Barbuda to provide medical support and monitoring during the Caribana activities.

With the EMS Department expanding its services to the public, EMS Officials said that they plan to work more closely with Barbuda in the near future.

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