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Prohibition of citrus and seed Imports

03rd May 2016

The Plant Protection Unit, Department of Agriculture, has observed a recent trend in the import, without import permission, of citrus fruits as well as a range of seeds for planting. The Unit also notes an increase in the import of seeds and other regulated items via the Internet.

The general public is hereby reminded that the fruit of citrus (to include grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, clementines, mandarins, limes, lemons) is not permitted entry into Antigua and Barbuda from any country, except the Commonwealth of Dominica, without first obtaining import permission. Further, ALL planting materials, including seeds – regardless of quantity or country of origin – legally require an Import Permit to allow entry into Antigua and Barbuda. Persons are urged to contact the Plant Protection Unit to determine whether an Import Permit is required for the import of fresh, unprocessed and/or partially processed items of plant origin.

For further information, Plant Protection may be contacted at telephone numbers 562-2776, 764-1255 or 462-6777 (listed in the Telephone Directory Blue pages under “Agriculture”). Alternatively, the Unit may be reached at email address