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World Intellectual Property Day 2016 observed in Antigua

26th April 2016

"Digital Creativity: Culture Re-imagined" was the theme used to observe World Intellectual Property Day.

Key persons at the Intellectual Property Office used the occasion to launch the 2016 school competition allowing students to an original piece while at the same time learning more about intellectually property and what it means today.

Delivering the opening remarks was Magistrate and Deputy Registrar Conliffe Clarke, who stated that intellectual property refers to the creations of the mind such as inventions, literary and artistic work, designs symbols used in commerce.

"The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) was established to further these aspects of humans' minds under a regime of treaties, agreements and policies that form an international framework within which countries can develop their own intellectual property laws which will benefit their economies and communities," Clarke said.

The Deputy Registrar stated that as a small developing nation, the country continues to explore how the creative industries can contribute to the gross domestic product. He continued that the goal of his office, which was established in 2003 is to ensure that the current effect of intellectual property exist, and ensure that the youth of the nation are equipped to carry it further.

Legal Affairs Minister the Honourable Steadroy Benjamin during his feature address, said almost everyone in society is a user and potential creator of intellectual property, as Intellectual property rights add value for consumers and can provide a guarantee of source and quality.

"Intellectual property protection contributes to economic growth in both developed and developing countries by stimulating innovation, cultural diversity and technical development as part of a larger policy framework. Properly used, intellectual property rights can also be key tools for the alleviation of poverty through trade", Benjamin said.

The Minister added that over the last five years, the ownership and use of a smartphone has grown exponentially.

"It is almost as though it's glued to our hands now and the youth must be encourage to utilize technology to become innovative and creative", he indicated.

It is the hope of the organizers that the competition can assist them in increasing awareness of the importance of Intellectual Property and how it works hand in hand with the evolution of technology and how we communicate.

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