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Mind of the Nation Report states more viewers watch ABS TV

21st April 2016

59% of respondents are watching ABS TV more than they did a year ago, this is according to the most recent Mind of the Nation report by Richards & Associates.

This is a 4% jump over the previous year ended December 2014, and the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Information Technology continues to utilize this instrument as a means of tracking the performance of the National Broadcasting Media and its successes.

The report further states that the likelihood of watching ABS TV more than one year ago increases with age, but is dependent on gender.

According to the Honourable Melford Nicholas the Ministry continues to focus on improvement opportunities to deliver higher levels of performance through its employees and programmes.

Minister Nicholas indicates that the National Broadcast Media remains committed to its Mission of being a vehicle for the presentation of information, education, entertainment as well as a platform for the promotion and preservation of the arts and the country's cultural heritage.

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